PopUp Main Street

If you haven’t heard, there are some amazing things going on along South Main Street. We are thrilled that Create Little Rock (the young professionals arm of the Chamber of Commerce) have asked us to assist them in creating a “Better Block” event for Little Rock. If you haven’t heard of the program, check them out http://betterblock.org/. The program focuses on Rapid Urban Revitalization projects that are largely made possible through donations, hard work, and passionate volunteers.

PopUp Main Street will be focusing  on South Main Street in Little Rock from I-630 to 15th Street. The event will start the afternoon of Friday, November 9th and run through the morning of Sunday, November 11th. Some modifications to the street be made the weekend prior. Check out the general plan below that was produced by studioMAIN, and keep tuned to this space for further information and volunteer opportunities!!!

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